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This experimental interface to Version 4.2 is work in progress. The interface is not complete, nor completely tested. Currently, to see event details, you must disable your popup blocker. You will also need to manually delete the event detail windows. The CTX database allows multiple causality, but this interface does not implement nor reflect this capability. Pls email problems, suggestions to cdb@c4tx.org.

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The CTX Tanker and Bulk Carrier Database is perhaps the only freely available, reasonably complete collection of major, worldwide tanker and bulk carrier casualties. It is certainly unique in its emphasis on cause. The motivation for and the philosophy underlying this data base is laid out in Uses and Abuses of Ship Casualty Data. All the individual casualty data is available to anyone without charge, under the Gnu Free Documentation License (GFDL).

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Users should be aware that this web interface allows only the simplest queries, and does not display all the data which can run to hundreds of fields for some casualties. Serious researchers will need to consult the manual.. and then download the latest version. This can be done by sending a request to cdb@c4tx.org. The entire database is an XML format so it can be accessed without any proprietary software.


All complex databases contain errors and this is doubly true of casualty databases which necessarily require subjective judgement in converting often incomplete, sometimes conflicting information into a bunch of computer codes. Some care has been taken in compiling the CTX database, but it is certainly incomplete and it certainly contains errors. The CTX can take no responsibility for these errors nor the consequences thereof. The CTX welcomes any any corrections, additions, comments, etc which contributions, if used, will be fully credited in the precis file if desired. The CTX will also protect the identities of contributors who wish to be so protected. Contributions can be sent to cdb@c4tx.org.


Data has been extracted from many national and regional casualty databases, most importantly the USCG Marine Incident Exchange and REMPEC. Coastal state investigation reports, especially the Australian, have proven invaluable. The CTX database is in debt to many to many individuals, most importantly Norman Hooke, Richard Cahill, Auke Visser, and Pierre Woinin. Much ship data has been derived from Equasis and the remarkably complete Miramar Ship Index.